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Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel Wellness in Riviera Maya

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Blue Diamond Luxury - Riviera Maya -

Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel Wellness

Wellness Centre in Riviera Maya

The Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel is oriented toward physical and spiritual wellness, so we are governed by a healthy lifestyle. We offer our guests rituals, treatments and retreats to get in touch with the best version of themselves.
All at the Blue Diamond Spa, a place inspired by the eclectic union of the Maya and Asian cultures. This wellness center is spread over 2,200 square meters and includes 11 individual cabins, the hydrotherapy circuit and a pool.

Rituals and Treatments

The repertoire of rituals and treatments at our luxury Spa include: bubble baths, wraps using ingredients such as: chocolate, coffee, algae, sea gold and white pearls, and several types of massages using balsamics, obsidian stones, and oils and aromas focused on skin hydration.


Fitness Center

The Fitness Center at the Blue Diamond Spa is designed to help strengthen muscles, improve the body’s endurance and stamina, as well as promote mental health and increase the body’s flexibility and speed.


Wellness Retreats

Blue Diamond Spa wellness retreats are focused on disconnecting from the real world to promote a state of mental distance and peace, through which the body releases tension and reduces inflammation levels by getting in touch with nature.


Temazcal Ritual

The pre-Columbian temazcal ritual is a steam bath divided into different stages, each accompanied by chants and the sound of drums, rattles, rain sticks and maracas. For the Aztec culture, temazcal is a ritual to purify the soul through steam and cleansing with water infused with medicinal herbs such as ...



Pools are an essential part of every luxury resort, and they are ideal for achieving a state of pleasure and relaxation. You can tone your body and let your mind relax while you swim.


Art and architecture

Paradise at your fingertips

Architecture is the art of living well. Our luxury resort has a design that is focused on the vanguard. It is a construction of the strictest elegance and quality, guarded by the jungle and the sea. It is a work of minimalist design and organic lines, with an open concept, adorned by gardens and works of art. The resort’s suites are arranged around the river, the lagoon and the cenote. This demonstrates our brand commitment to taking care of nature and the local environment.

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