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Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel Suites in Riviera Maya

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Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel Suites

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Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel design brings nature to center stage. Different ambiances were created for the various kinds of accommodations: one geared to the rainforest, another on the mangrove water et a third around a small, already-existing cenote sinkhole, which was enlarged, and still others on the beach. In other words, every room is on water. These elements lent themselves to creating a resort that is unique and extraordinary. Interiors are exquisitely designed with Asian influences and tropical flair, boasting native exotic woods and stone, bamboo hardwood floors, pale marble and an exquisite showcase of Mexican art.

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The interior of our resort comes together with 6 courtyards which have architecture that combines art and tradition. It is a space oriented toward enhancing the emotional balance of its visitors. Each courtyard houses a different work of art.

Patio Junior Suite

Immerse yourself in all the sounds of nature

Relax in this spacious suite right in the heart of nature, surrounded by gardens and equipped with a terrace overlooking the river on which to enjoy total disconnection.

  • Size: 60 m²
  • Max. occupancy: 3
  • Outdoor plunge pool and private terrace

Patio Diamond Suite

Long hours in the sun and swimming in your private pool

Impressive junior luxury suite with modern architecture, in perfect harmony with nature. This suite has been designed in limestone and bamboo to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

  • Size: 105 m²
  • Max. occupancy: 2
  • Private terrace including an outdoor plunge pool and a pool



Seeking to connect our guests with nature, we have installed the Cenote Blue Lagoon Junior suites around two natural formations: a peaceful lagoon and a deep private cenote. The Blue Lagoon Deluxe Junior suites have a spectacular view of both features.

Cenote Blue Lagoon Junior Suite

The magic of a natural cenote

A large luxury suite with views over the lagoon or our private cenote, to feel completely connected with nature. A stunning landscape to be admired from your own private terrace or balcony.

  • Size: 95 m²
  • Max. occupancy: 2
  • Private terrace



The Palafitos villas each offer a balcony and a rooftop and are perched over a lagoon surrounded by mangroves, plant formations that preserve the purity of the water. They offer our guests the opportunity to be friendly witnesses to the local flora and fauna, enjoying the surroundings of the mangrove formations.

Palafitos Deluxe Junior Suite

The luxury of spending the night on a lagoon

Elegant and modern villas with private and rooftop terraces. These suites are surrounded by a lagoon and lush mangroves that will allow you to experience absolute peace.

  • Size: 67 m²
  • Max. occupancy: 2
  • Private terrace or rooftop

Beach front Casitas

Beach front

These suites are designed to emphasize privacy and inspiration and are located in direct contact with the beach. They are equipped with a private pool with an ocean view and a rooftop sundeck.

Beach Front Casita

Natural exclusivity and intimacy

Let yourself be overcome by the experience of a holiday beside the sea. This suite, with direct access to the beach, features an integrated living area, opening out onto an impressive terrace.

  • Size: 93 m²
  • Max. occupancy: 2
  • Private pool, rooftop and terrace

Beach Front Presidential Suite

An extraordinary experience

Right on the beach, with exceptional ocean views and flooded with natural light. That’s what this impressive two-story villa has to offer, with three separate bedrooms to ensure privacy.

  • Size: 355 m²
  • Maxi. occupancy: 6
  • 2 terraces & 2 private pools

Art and architecture

Paradise at your fingertips

Architecture is the art of living well. Our luxury resort has a design that is focused on the vanguard. It is a construction of the strictest elegance and quality, guarded by the jungle and the sea. It is a work of minimalist design and organic lines, with an open concept, adorned by gardens and works of art. The resort’s suites are arranged around the river, the lagoon and the cenote. This demonstrates our brand commitment to taking care of nature and the local environment.

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