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Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel Temazcal

Wellness Centre in Riviera Maya

The Blue Diamond Spa offers you the opportunity to live the experience of temazcal. The ritual lasts for about 2 hours, in a group of 12 people accompanied by a healer or shaman, who seeks to guide the souls of the participants to the deepest level of their human consciousness, with the goal of renewing their senses.


The temazcal is made of stone in the form of a low vault with a single door in the front. Inside, in a central area, volcanic stones known as grandmother stones are placed, which are heated over a fire before each ceremony.

Prior to the ceremony

The shamans perform a cleansing of the participants with copal incense. The ceremony is led by a shaman, who uses mantras or chants and the sounds of musical instruments to induce the participants to be spiritually cleansed. During the ceremony, the door of the temazcal is opened four times. Each time the door is opened, new hot stones are added, so that the temperature inside is maintained and the ceremony can reach its full splendor.

Through the ceremony

The emotions held deep within each participant are released. The period of introspection to which the mind and body are subjected helps to create an emotional connection between the mind and the soul. On a physical level, its ability to open the airways, cleanse the skin and reduce levels of physical pain can be appreciated.