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Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel Wellness Retreats in Riviera Maya

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Blue Diamond Luxury - Riviera Maya -

Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel Wellness Retreats

Wellness Centre in Riviera Maya

Blue Diamond Spa wellness retreats are focused on disconnecting from the real world to promote a state of mental distance and peace, through which the body releases tension and reduces inflammation levels by getting in touch with nature.

Hotel Retreats

This is a perfect place to hold retreats. Its location in the forest of the Riviera Maya, the exclusivity of its facilities, the environment of privacy and relaxation... All of this makes the Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel an excellent option for disconnecting from the world and getting in touch with your inner self.

Body Balance Cleanse

Discover our 3-day program designed to re-establish the balance between your mind, your body and your soul. Through a holistic perspective, along with an anti-inflammatory diet and self-care routines, you can restore your well-being, beauty and glow. This is the time to be with yourself.

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Tailor made retreats

Health is a journey and every step to achieving physical, mental and emotional stability depends on the needs of each person. The Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel offers personalized packages for groups or individuals designed to provide the best experience of full self-discovery, relaxation and growth.

If you would like to customize your own retreat, please let us know: